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Welcome to the Textbook Exchange. This private bulletin board forum is designed to respond to Calvert families' growing interest in being able to swap their used textbooks. The Textbook Exchange provides a forum where Calvert families can exchange information to each other about their used textbooks for Calvert courses.

Access to the Textbook Exchange requires additional permissions beyond what is necessary to use other public forums within Calvert School's Bulletin Board. To use the Textbook Exchange, you must complete the following steps and meet the following requirements:
  1. Currently have, or create, a Calvert School Bulletin Board account.
  2. Read and consent to the Textbook Exchange Conditions of Use.
  3. Submit your account information to obtain access to the Textbook Exchange portion of the Calvert School Bulletin Board.
  4. Receive by e-mail permission to access the Textbook Exchange.
  5. Post to the Textbook Exchange.
This process is not instantaneous; the Textbook Exchange moderator grants permissions during normal business hours between Monday and Friday. Therefore, requests made at night, on weekends, or during holidays may take several days to process. You will be notified when permission is granted at the e-mail account you provide when registering for Textbook Exchange access.

We want this experience to be beneficial for all participants; therefore, please read the following information as well as the Conditions of Use so you understand all of the conditions under which you may post, buy, and sell textbooks. The Textbook Exchange is for buying and selling used textbooks; no lesson manuals, consumables, or multimedia materials included in Calvert School courses may be posted, advertised, or sold. In addition, no complete Calvert School courses may be posted, advertised, or sold. Posts for complete course materials will be removed from the forum at the discretion of the Textbook Exchange moderator. Please list individually all textbooks for sale in the Textbook Exchange forum.

**Users of Calvert School's Bulletin Board and its forums who do not abide by the rules and the Conditions of Use of the Bulletin Board will be denied access to the Bulletin Board at the discretion of the Bulletin Board Administrator.

If you have never used a bulletin board before, consider your e-mail submissions to be like postings on a real bulletin board. Once posted, anyone else with access to the bulletin board can read and respond to them. A moderator will review all prospective posts prior to them appearing on the bulletin board. The Textbook Exchange moderator's review will occur during normal business hours, meaning that postings may not reach the bulletin board for several days. In some cases, because of weekends and holidays, postings might not be posted for up to four days (for example, if a post is submitted on a Friday before a holiday weekend). Please do not resubmit a posting if it does not reach the bulletin board instantly. The Textbook Exchange moderator retains the right to edit, alter, or remove any messages for any reason. Please use the other bulletin boards provided by Calvert School for discussions on other topics.

Messages posted to the Textbook Exchange discussion board by Calvert School community members are solely the opinion and responsibility of the person posting the message. Calvert School is not responsible for messages posted by community members and is not liable for any misrepresentations.

If you would like to participate in the Textbook Exchange, please register.